Manage the sending of your transactional Emails & SMS from your computer system

Which emails & SMS are addressed by Dolist-EMT?

Account opening, order confirmation, delivery notification, product availability alert, subscription confirmation, Trigger Marketing… All services and information messages that you wish to send automatically and individually to your contacts after an action on their part.

Directly connected to your computer system (database, CRM, website…), Dolist-EMT Transactional Emails & SMS platform enables you to improve all your email deliverability and message traceability processes.


Transactional Email & SMS

Dolist-EMT: automation & security

Thanks to the implementation of APIs in Web Services, business rules and triggers for sending messages are controlled from your own technical infrastructure.

The information required to send transactional Emails and SMS messages is sent automatically and in a secure way to Dolist-EMT platform.

Increase the deliverability of your transactional Emails

Dolist-EMT: Delivrability guaranteed for your transactional messages

Dolist-EMT’s infrastructure guarantees optimal deliverability of your transactional emails. Isolated from email marketing campaigns, it is secure, available 24 hours a day, and allows you to use specific IP addresses to send your messages.

OPERA monitors & secures the reputation of Dolist-EMT customers 

Your transactional emails are authenticated to maximise your sender reputation, through the use of SPF, DKIM and DMARC signatures to prove their legitimacy and protect you from potential malicious actions.

Likewise, to ensure that your messages reach your recipients’ inboxes on a daily basis, rely on the technology OPERA (Optimum Predictive Email Reputation Activity) developed by Dolist.

OPERA technology by Dolist

Customise your transactional messages to increase impact

Improve the quality of your transactional messages! Dolist-EMT platform allows all forms of customisation:

  • Customisation of your HTML templates for transactional messages: freely create your email templates to reflect your company’s image, without compromising the deliverability of your transactional emails. Your messages are automatically adapted to all devices and all forms of consultation (HTML or text, with or without images, webmails, email clients, smartphones, tablets).
  • Hyper-customisation of the content of your messages: integrate personalisation variables, targeted marketing information, highlight relevant products for your contacts in order to boost additional sales, set up your different messages in multiple languages, and so much more.

In short, test, modify and enhance your campaigns at any time!

Dolist-EMT: unparalleled accuracy

Dolist-EMT transactional email and SMS platform provides you with KPIs for:

• a real-time follow-up of the sending of transactional Emails & SMS: number of successfully delivered messages, messages in progress, in error or blocked…

•  an accurate analysis of the overall performance of your messages and the activity of a particular contact: statistics of openings, clicks, IP addresses, browsers, operating systems…

Increase your customer knowledge by enriching your own computer information system with the behavioural data collected and the NPAIs detected.

Dolist-EMT Platform: download its detailed functionalities and/or request a demo

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