Customer experience, a key factor in your business success

Your sales success relies directly on your ability to manage the customer experience in a highly-customised way using fully integrated marketing technologies.

Our Customer Data Platform allows you to:

  • Merge all customer data coming from marketing, sales and different channels to improve the customer journey and experience
  • Access an advanced customisation of all-channel communications.


+60% higher profitability for brands that integrate the customer experience into their omnichannel strategy*

Payer plus cher

86% of customers are willing to pay more for a product in order to have a better experience with the brand*

* Gartner & Walker reports

Optimise your customer journey with Dolist Customer Data Platform

Optimise your customer insight with standardised profiles that take into account all of your contacts’ interactions, whether transactional, behavioural, socio-demographic or relational.

Identity Resolution | Data 1st party | GDPR Compliant | Value & behaviour segmentation​ ​

Customise your approach by activating your data across all your channels and taking into account your contacts’ preferences in terms of channel and content.

Trigger | Newsletter | Push web & mobile | Banners & Landing pages | Social Media | Print​

Optimise your key business KPIs by analysing your customer journey, your real campaign performance and identifying the improvement areas.

Data visualisation & KPIs | Performance Marketing | Web journey | Conversion ​tunnel

Unleash the potential and intelligence of your data with Data Science & predictive algorithms to customise your exchanges and generate additional revenue.

Lifetime value | RFM & PMG | Likelihood | Clustering & Persona | Product recommendation

Use your audiences, across all channels, to direct and improve your media expenses, but also to acquire qualified prospects and boost your ROI. 

Retargeting | Customisation  | Lookalike | DMP | Google AdWords | Youtube | Facebook & Instagram​

Create a model of your customer journeys in order to better understand the purchasing context and the relevant communications to be addressed. Promptly set up an advanced life cycle, personalised by profile and promoting omnichannel. 

Customer Journey Map | Omni-channel Journey| Satisfaction | Points of Contact | Recommendation​

Customer journey & contact points

Reasons to choose Dolist Customer Data Platform

Centralisation données client
 Centralise, unify and qualify your customer data 

An integration of your custom-made data with different secure hosting modes available

Prise en main facile

An easy handling for your business teams

A single CDP interface & Marketing Automation with training workshops


A smooth customer experience across all your channels

Native Omnichannels and easy organisation of complex scenarios

Objectifs business

A response and a commitment to your business objectives

Support by specialised business experts with a non-binding initial test phase.

Dolist Smart Omnichannel Platform: download its detailed functionalities and/or request a demo

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