French & international collaborations in order to improve email deliverability

As each Internet Service Provider (ISP) has its own methods and criteria when receiving emails, Dolist strives to listen to them and constantly adapts its tools to keep up with the latest developments in order to ensure the best possible deliverability of its customers’ email campaigns.

We also collaborate with national and worldwide organisations working to fight spam and ensure the smooth flow of legitimate email messages:

  • Member of the M3AAWG (Messaging Malware Mobile Anti Abuse Working Group), an international anti-spam organisation that brings together the world’s largest operators in the Internet industry. Its goals are to find ways to secure the flow of information on the Internet and to protect Internet users against spam, identity theft, etc.
  • Committed together with Signal Spam: any spam report made on their platform is forwarded to Dolist in order to be able to intervene with the advertiser concerned and advise him/her.
  • As a member of the SNCD (”National Syndicate for Direct Communication”), Dolist relies on its code of ethics for electronic communication.
  • Collaborating with multiple ISPs (, Gmail, Yahoo, Orange…) we retrieve all available feedback loops in order to obtain information on complaints and identify problematic emailing campaigns; then we adapt our technical solutions according to the specificities of each one.
Actions techniques pro délivrabilité

Pro-deliverability technical actions carried out by Dolist

Given the increase of spam, the technical constraints, etc., the issue of email deliverability is constantly evolving.

Through the Deliverability Pack and the OPERA technology, Dolist’s email marketing platforms offer many functionalities:

  • Authentication standards ensuring the legitimacy of emails (SPF, DKIM, DMARC…).
  • Standardisation of the domain name in all elements of the email messages to take full advantage of the reputation of your domain name.
  • Pool of IP addresses specific for each customer account for a total control of the e-reputation of its customers.
  • Real-time monitoring of domain and IP address blacklisting.
  • Automated regulation of email message sending flows according to the quantities accepted by ISPs and voluntary limitation of mass mailings.
  • Real-time processing of subscriptions cancellations and spam complaints.

Dolist raises its customers’ awareness and supports them in good email deliverability practices

ISPs and messaging tools are constantly fighting in order to protect their users against abuse attempts. In an effort to ensure that its customers do not become collateral victims of this necessary filtering, Dolist is committed to a constant quality control process. Database hygiene, segmentation, HTML compliance…

Dolist raises awareness, supports and supervises the actions of its customers:

  • Accreditation policy of our customers.
  • Constant supervision of operations for uploading files and sending emailing campaigns.
  • Multiple campaign tools and optimisation services to increase their impact: analysis of email routing conditions, HTML optimisation and semantic correction of email messages, deliverability tests, improvement of routing settings, etc.
  • Consulting and support services to assess the quality of emailing campaigns and optimise their effectiveness.
  • News blog with numerous recommendations to reinforce the deliverability of your emails, accompanied by multiple white papers highlighting emailing best practices.
  • Newsletters, webinars and lectures.
Accompagnement client sur les questions de délivrabilité