Dolist Connect: unleash the full potential of your data

Dolist API, CRM connectors (Magento, Prestashop, Microsoft Dynamics CRM), FTPS and CFT protocols… Our connection solutions allow you to set up automated and bi-directional synchronisation between different systems.

This enables you to harness the potential of your data to improve your acquisition and retention strategy.

APIs et Connecteurs sécurisés marketing

Secure APIs and connectors for your marketing performance

Whether with E-Commerce tools, ERP, CRM or DMP solutions, or with solutions that are specific to your company, Dolist connectors and APIs allow you to continuously and securely exchange and/or synchronise the data of your computer system with that of Dolist technologies. Not only are the connectors evolving and of open source, but they also adapt to your needs and are fully open to any enrichment.


Connect your Data to automate your Email & SMS Marketing Campaigns

Use automated synchronisation to update your data and centralise your customer insight. This makes it easier to analyse and segment your contacts and exploit the full potential of your data to guide your marketing actions:

  • Manage your campaigns from your CRM or internal tools, using the deliverability potential of Dolist Marketing technologies.
  • Set up automated e-mail and SMS campaigns, depending on the customer life cycle (first purchase, loyalty programme subscription, etc.), the behaviour of your contacts (visiting a shop, clicking on a message, abandoning a purchase, etc.) or specific events (birthday, holiday, etc.).
  • Personalise the contents of your messages with, for example, offers selected on the basis of detected interests or observed behaviours.
  • Retrieve your overall Email & SMS Marketing campaign statistics.

Using Dolist technologies, websites dedicated to Dolist APIs allow you to access the complete list of your possibilities: APIs Campaign, APIs wewmanager, APIs Dolist-EMT

Do you need support to synchronise your data?

Our teams are at your disposal to ensure reliability and speed up the implementation of the synchronisations you need.


They tested Dolist Connect

Many of our clients use our APIs and connectors, in a wide variety of industries and technological contexts:

  • Musée d’Orsay and Musée du Louvre and the DOLIST – E-deal connector (CRM)
  • Grand Massif and the Dolist-SKIDATA connector
  • ADT Ardèche and the Dolist-APIDAE and Dolist-Open System connectors
  • Station Grand Massif and the Dolist-ODICCI connector
  • Cultura and the Dolist-Magento connector


  • Jardin des Fleurs and the Dolist-Prestashop connector
  • Musée du Quai Branly and the Dolist-Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector
  • Cash Piscines and the Dolist-Octave connector (business management solution)
  • NRJ Mobile and the Dolist-Eulerian (DMP) connector
  • Voyages SNCF and the Dolist-MyFeelBack connector (smart questionnaires)
  • La Croquetterie and the Dolist-Webcaisse connector
  • Livre de Poche and the Dolist-SocialShaker connector (social media applications)
  • Etc.
Testeurs et clients des connecteurs et APIs Dolist
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